Our lovely E was commissioned to make this glorious circus tent out of a hat box and her divine imagination to house all the fanciful animals that JY created (shown in our previous post).

JY wrote out a beautiful story for her wee granddaughter (the recipient of the magic fabric animals and carrying circus box tent). We wanted to share a tidbit of that story with you:

“The circus could go on the road. But if they went on the road that meant they would have to travel. How would they do it? How would people know they were a circus family? Humans might not understand. They are not always so quick to catch on, you know. Well maybe we need a sign or maybe we need to make a tv ad or a video to explain who we are. Then the wily cat said. ‘We need a circus tent. The tent will explain our family to everyone. We will be known as the traveling circus family who lives in a circus tent. We can do our tricks anywhere but we must travel in a tent.’ The cat had a point.

Then they decided that the circus family needed a ringmaster who would look after them. It needed to be someone who would appreciate their magical tricks. Someone who would love the fact that they were fancy. After all what is the point of having fancy ribbons, lace and gold jewelry on your fancy clothes if someone did not appreciate it?  Grandmother had an idea. “I know a princess who would love a circus. She is very imaginative and creative.” thought Grandmother…”

Don’t you love a bit of holiday magic in your life? We think JY is giving that granddaughter a unique and fanciful experience from hand making the wee creatures to writing a lovely tale that brings them to life. What a great way to share a love of fiber tailored to a very special wee gal!

Wishing you a holiday season filled with joy, magic, and camaraderie!

All the best!

-The Waectherettes

You know we all have those wee bits of liberty of london cottons, beautiful snips of silk, or pieces of japanese cotton that we just haven’t been able to throw out. Naturally, we knew that one day there would be the perfect project to use those last little bits of luxurious fibers. Enter JY – fantastic fabric dreamer extraordinaire! These fanciful creations are made from patterns: Indygo Junction Miniature Menagerie & Bunny Hill Baby Bear. A perfect way to use those lovely pieces you can’t part with while also making something unique and one of a kind for a little one this holiday season.

Make a bunny, dog, elephant, giraffe or piggy! (I loooove the piggy!).

Make a family of bears. We used one bear pattern & sized it up or down so that we could make 3 different sizes of critter. We reduced the bear pattern by not adding a seam allowance to create Momma Bear and we reduced the pattern even further on the copier to create small BabyBear.

All of our menagerie are made with dupioni and Liberty or Velvet scraps. We’re also making a circus tent out of a hat box for them to reside in and be carried about. What a treat for a little gal to have her very own circus act to set up under the tree!

Stay tuned for the circus box. We hope you’re having a great December!

All the best!

-The Waechterettes

Now that the season is officially fall – we thought we might turn our attention to snuggly, comfortable and stylish knits. Knit jerseys are perfect for this impending windy & chilly season.

Versatile and fit-friendly, try your hand at a simple top, or sew something a bit more involved and make a dress. Use a wrap style for those slinky thinner knits, or a nice simple sheath or tunic style for heavier jerseys.

You don’t have to go glam like Donna Karan – but a knit dress with cape attached is always an option for you elegant divas:

A little more casual by Eileen Fisher:

We have eco-friendly knits in organic cotton/ bamboo blends, thicker knits great for pants or skirts, and word on the street is that we might just have some end cut Fisher knits hitting the floor & website shortly. Make sure to keep an eye out for those as well.

Just one example of our eco-knit in the season’s staple grey color:

We also received a couple of Liberty of London knits. Liberty knits are just as impeccably printed as their legendary cotton lawns. They’d be great for a 3/4 sleeve top, or tunic.

This Liberty knit is a great little piece:

Don’t forget to look into those hard to find wool knits that we have in. They never last long & they are such a warm luxury for winter layering & styling.

Visit our knit section here!